There is a little experiment I would like you to try. Stand up with both arms by your side. Now try and lift up your right arm but at the same time try and resist. You should be able to feel the force of your arm trying to lift up and yet, at the same time, you are holding it back.

What is happing with the above experiment is similar to what happens when someone is trying to win business but does not want to sell. There is a part of them that resists and holds them back from taking action. We need to let go of the resistance before any serious change can take place. In order to do so first requires us to embrace sales as a reality. We need to acknowledge that although it may make us feel uncomfortable and we are not very good at it, for now anyway, it is a necessary part of being a successful business owner.

Rather than continuing to resist the inevitable, we need to be focused on finding a method to successfully win new clients in a way we can feel comfortable with. I hope you will look around the various resources on this site, all designed with your comfort in mind!