Confidence is a major asset in sales. When you feel confident in what you are doing, your clients will have more confidence in you and your services. on the other hand, when you are lacking in confidence with sales, your clients may misinterpret it as a lack in confidence that you can deliver.

One idea that has been successful with my mentoring clients is to get them to see themselves as ‘learner’ business developers.

Anyone who has ever learnt how to drive knows that nobody gets into the driver’s seat of a car for the first time and is able to master the controls. They may be able to get the car to move but it’s not pretty! Yet after a little instruction and a lot of trial and error they start getting used to it and begin to feel more at home behind the wheel. Eventually they get to a stage when they are able to drive without even thinking about the process of driving. They are just focused on getting to their destination.

It is the same when you learn how to sell. You first of all need to decide that you want to learn how to sell. If you do not like the way that other people go about selling then that’s great. Decide to develop your own style like I did. When I initially got involved in sales I knew I needed to develop my skill in order to progress my career as an IT consultant. I also knew that I could never be pushy or manipulative. And when I started looking I found plenty of people who were good at sales without being pushy. I had never noticed them before because I never realised that they were selling!

It’s only when we stop resisting the inevitable and make the decision to learn how to sell that we start the process of not only building our skills but also our confidence in our ability. We recognise that it will not be perfect to begin with but eventually it will be a lot better.

So why not Imagine yourself with learner driver ‘L’ plates strapped to your chest and back? Now that you are a learner business developer you can give yourself permission to make mistakes and start to have fun learning something new. You may find that you, like me, enjoy the process of learning, developing, and growing so much that you never stop!