The way I teach qualification on my Consultative Selling Masterclass is to tell the story of when I travelled 5 hours for a “dead cert” sales meeting only to find that the person I was supposed to be meeting was on holiday! On the 5 hour journey back I vowed never to let that happen again because it was a massive waste of time. That was the day I truly learnt the importance of qualification as part of the sales process!

When we qualify a sale we are really seeking to find out whether it is worth our time pursuing a sale. At the very early stages of the consultative sales process there are some simple checks you can make before committing any serious time and money to pursuing the sale any further. Even when you have decided to proceed with the sale, you never stop qualifying. Essentially, the moment you do not believe you will win the sale you should consider whether it is worth your time to continue. Time wasted on one opportunity is time you will not have to spend on a better one, or indeed generating new sales opportunities.

With my ill-fated sales opportunity, a 5 minute phone call could have saved me a whole day of wasted travel time.