Politician William Hague once said that if something sounds like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck!! If only the same were true of sales people! I have spoken to so many business owners recently who are nursing a depelted bank balance by taking on a sales person who looked and sounded like a born sales person and yet never sold a bean! It is easy for them to see the need of using a sales assessment test prior to recruiting once they have been burnt. Its just a shame that they did not think to take a more scientific approach before losing all that money!

Sales recruiting is something of a grey area to many business owners. Unless they come with a background in sales, recruiting sales people for their organization can present a daunting prospect. A sales assessment test can effectively eliminate many of the obstacles to successful sales recruitment by determining which applicants are likely to be most suitable for the sales position before the interview process begins.

Anyone familiar with recruiting sales people will have a story to tell about unsuitable applicants making extravagant claims on their CV – ranging from minor exaggerations through to outright lies. For the business owner involved in the process of sales recruitment, the only sure way to weed out any such candidates is to test them first. A sales assessment test should be conducted before any interview takes place otherwise there’s the risk that an unsuitable applicant could still dazzle the interviewer, winning them over when in they do not genuinely have the necessary skills for the position.

Recruiting sales people without a sales assessment test can be a false economy. The cost of sales assessment is more than offset by the cost and risk of getting it wrong.