Selling is a life skill, in my opinion. I say that because in order to get good at selling you need to work on more than just sales techniques. Selling is a people business and that means you need to learn more about people. Things such as psychology, how to develop relationships and trust, how to present yourself, how to persuade on a win-win basis. Some people have a lot of these skills when they start out in sales. We tend to think of these as born sales people. Other people like myself have to work on these skills when they get into sales.

Who would have thought 15 years ago that I would have been able to feel confident making a simple sales presentation let alone speaking to large groups many times each month. Who would have thought 15 years ago I would be able to enter a room full of total strangers without my heart bursting out of my chest, let alone with a sense of calm confidence! Who would have thought that people would ask for my advice on how to communicate to and influence others, let alone pay me for it! What I am saying is that all these things and more developed as a by-product of learning how to be more effective at sales.

If learning about other people and how to communicate and influence is not a life skill, I do not know what is! Maybe one day this will be taught in schools but until that time we will need to work on personal development. I continue to work on my own personal development every week. Learning new things, getting new perspectives, pushing my comfort zones. That’s also why many of the free tele-seminars on The Accidental Salesman® website have a personal development theme. I hand pick the topics and the speakers because I know what an impact they will make on your sales if put into practice.