This week I found myself recommending a particular book a couple of times to business owners. I was explaining the different types of sales person and why they needed to be looking for a certain type of sales person. Its a great book that I came across a few years ago. Its called ‘Selling the Wheel’ by Jeff Cox and Howard Stevens . I also found it useful in distinguishing where my own personality and selling style was most effective.

Its a great business novel that helps the reader to learn about the different types of selling applying to different stages in a products life cycle. The main character is an inventor called Max and his wife Minnie. Max invents the wheel and the story goes from no one being interested in the Wheel to it becoming a commodity in four stages. The salesman who was successful at the begining of each stage struggles when it gets to the next stage.

It gives a clear message as to how to recognise these different stages from a sales and marketing strategy point of view and although it is product focused, it is still fairly clear how professional services would fit into the model.

I read it over a weekend, which is a good sign for me. I don’t know why all how-to books are not written as stories.