Anyone who has been to one of my trainings know that I delight in drawing wisdom from movies. Its my excuse for indulging in my passion! There is nothing better than seeing a great movie on the big screen whilst munching on popcorn! Pure heaven!

One of the movies I like to draw from is Jerry McGuire. Jerry is a sports manager and loses all his clients when he leaves his firm under a cloud. There is one client who has previously been overlooked and never hit the big time. When Jerry approaches the sportsman he shouts and makes Jerry shout the immortal line. ‘Show me the money! Show me the money!’

Whenever I see a prospect I am imagining they are shouting the same line at me. ‘Show me the money! Show me the money!’ I assume they are more interested in seeing the money than how clever I am or how great my services are. They want to see how what I have to offer is going to help them make more money or save money. If you are selling business to business then you need to make clear the financial consequences of proceeding with your solution.

Benefits are great but if they do not have a clear bottom line impact then closing is going to be hard. That’s where the rubber hits the road. You may have sold based on emotion and done a good job discovering their pain and their problems. That, however, counts for nothing if they cannot see the money. Thats when they go all quiet and avoid your calls.

You do not need to get into complicated calculations. The financial benefits should be obvious. If they are marginal or hard to demonstrate then, as an accidental sales person, you have your sales work cut out for you!

So the next time you follow up a sales lead, remember to show them the money!