People do not buy products and services just for the sake of it, and especially not companies. You can safely assume that companies will not spend any money unless there is a profit motive (this may not be 100% true but assuming it will be a good discipline to have).Either they want to increase revenue or reduce costs. A company will increase costs in the short term to reduce costs in the longer term. They will spend more money in one area to save even more costs in another area.

The will spend money in the expectation that their sales will increase. Imagine that you not only need to satisfy your prospect but also the company finance director called Fred. Fred is devoid of all emotion and is only interested in money. He does not care about nebulous things like staff morale unless he can see it in money terms. He is highly sceptical about any claims to increase revenues or reduce costs and unless you can convince him, along with your prospect, then you will not get the deal. This man is cold, unemotional, and sees everything in black and white. They only thing grey is his suit! Lets take video production services as an example. Fred will not blow the cob webs off his cheque book and buy video services just for the sake of it. He could, however, be persuaded with a number of motives:

To communicate a message more effectively or at a lower cost
To win more customers
To stop customers leaving for the competition
To reduce training costs
To reduce travelling costs
To sell inhouse expertise on a commercial basis
To reduce the number of employees leaving
To speed up knowledge transfer

All these things impact profitability and Fred’s only interest in investing in video is how it is going to affect the bottom line.

You do need to sell emotionally based on relationships and an appreciation of pain, but unless it is backed up with a profit motive then it’s unlikely you are not going to get past Fred unless you are going to do it for free!!