My method of Soft Selling is often referred to as ‘Flying under the radar’. Organisations are so used to dealing with pushy sales people that they put up defences.

A fundamental philosophy that underpins my approach is to work with human nature rather than against it. People do not like being sold to but they like to buy. They tend to tread cautiously when in the presence of a pushy sales person.

The common assumption is that you cannot trust a pushy sales person. This may be totally untrue but if that is human nature then you need to respect it and work with it rather than against it. When someone comes along that does not behave like a pushy sales person then the barriers do not go up and the result is a better quality of sales conversation. What is more, they tend to get trusted much quicker and when selling, having the trust of the buyer is essential.

You still need to generate plenty of leads, qualify the leads, fact find, present your proposals, and close. It’s just that when you are with your customers and prospects you are focused totally on them and their issues and not you and your targets. The time to think about your targets is when you are not in communication with the customer because it tends to come through in what you say and how you say it.

Sales success is dependant on both the quantity and quality of activity. If you have sufficient quantity then you can very quickly improve the quality. Without the enough quantities of the right activity, nothing much will happen.