Public Speaking is an important lead generation strategy if you are in the business of selling your expertise and there are lots of opportunities these days to raise your profile and awareness through public speaking. Make sure that you are adding value by your speaking rather than doing a sales pitch.

When I started speaking I was very uncomfortable but I found that my comfort zone quickly stretched and now I really enjoy it!

Also make sure you have a way of capturing interest in what you do. I always offer top tips and people give me their business cards to get emailed the top tips.

Here are a few tips I found helped to boost my confidence:

Allow plenty of time preparing and practicing your presentation. Prepare in smaller chunks over two or three days rather than in one big session the day before.
Focus of the audience and their needs rather than your performance.
Recognise that nerves are positive and help to get the adrenaline flowing which will give you the energy you need for a dynamic presentation. Get your butterflies to fly in formation.
Stand firmly – breathe and speak from the abdomen
Use mental rehearsal. Visualise yourself being confident in front of the audience. Create a little visualisation of various parts of your presentation, focusing on feeling confident rather than what you are saying.
Join Toastmasters International to get regular practice and positive feedback