I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to attend a breakfast networking meeting. I stood up and did my 1 minute presentation focusing on turning around failing sales people. I got an excellent referral from a business owner who had been pulling his hair out trying to get his sales person to start closing some business.

Another business owner came over to me and confessed that he was failing to generate sales for his IT support operation. He said he was struggling to be taken seriously by the business community and with just one look at his business card and I could tell why! It looked and felt as if he had bought it at a motorway service station from one of those machines that do 100 for £2.50. It was cheap and what is more, totally unreadable.

As I spoke to him, the impression I began to form was of someone who had been a keen computer user and whose friends had asked him to fix their computers when they broke down. Eventually he had decided to try and make a living out of it. After I asked him his story, it turned out that my guess was pretty close to the mark!

Its funny how something as simple as a business card could reveal so much!
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