I recently heard a disturbing story about a farmer who got his arm caught in a piece of machinery one day whilst working on his farm. It was a true story which emphasises the courage that some people need to develop to break free of the shackles that are holding back their sales and, indeed the financial viability of their business.

I will spare you the gory details except to say that his arm got caught up in a threshing machine and he was facing certain death. He was faced with a dilemma. Do nothing and get dragged by his arm into the machine and come to a nasty and painful end……or cut off his arm with the pen knife he had in his pocket. As he recounted his tale, showing off his new prosthetic arm, he told of the agony of cutting into his arm. A little too much detail for my stomach if truth be known!

The point he was making is that although his decision led to pain, it was short lived and nothing compared to the fate of doing nothing. He was glad he had the courage to make the tough decision and lived to see another day. So often we have activities in our business that we feel attached to but like the arm in the machine they are dragging us down. Speaking from person experience, it is not easy letting go but it is so worth it.