Imagine you are on a walking holiday and want to take in the spectacular views. You are walking along a path surrounded by beautiful trees. The sun is shining down on you, you hear birds chirping and you feel a warm cooling breeze brush your across face. After a short while you reach a fork in the road. You can see that the left path is fairly flat and then leads downhill. The right path climbs gently and then gets very steep. Which path do you take?

The easy path leads to the bottom of the hills. You will have the benefit of an easy journey but not what you really hoped for when you set out on the journey. The right path takes much more effort but very soon you start to get the kind of views you came for.

What has this got to do with sales?

I meet a lot of people and they tell me about their big goals and yet they do not do everything they can to move in the direction of their goals. They take the easy path. They coast. They omit to do things they know they should be doing because they do not feel like it. In the moment they do not notice. They only notice after 6 months or a year that they are not where they want to be. By then have long forgotten all of the small, and seemingly insignificant, decisions they made along the way to take the easy path. They blame everything except their choice to take it easy and do less than they can, in the moment.

Walking uphill maybe a little harder than coasting downhill but you soon forget the effort when you are enjoying the spectacular view. Choose the right path today, enjoy the effort, and you will not be disappointed.