Last night I was relaxing at my local health spa before doing a free teleseminar for the Accidental Salesman. I was in the steam room making friendly conversation with another club member. We had not spoken before and I could not actually see him because the room was exceptionally steamy.

After some interesting chat about the local cricket team, he eventually asked me what I do for a living. I told him how I am a sales coach specialising in helping small business owners to generate more leads. He started asking me all kinds of questions and then said he would really like to talk to me about working with his sales team!

I was there to relax and as always I was taking an interest in other people, engaging in friendly upbeat conversation. It was chance that I was speaking to an ideal business prospect. There have been lots of occasions where I have been speaking to people who were enjoyable to talk to but no real business connections. The fact that I had a clear, natural, and meaningful response when he asked the ‘what do you do?’ question helped to capitalize on a chance encounter. These chance encounters happen frequently if you are open to them.

I am not suggesting that you do not take time off from sales to relax. Far from it! I was doing just that. What I am suggesting is that its great to be friendly and say ‘hello’. You never know where it might lead. You could be talking to someone who is either and ideal prospect or who knows someone who is. Make a habit of being friendly and taking an interest in anyone you meet and be ready to answer the inevitable question ‘So….what do you do?’

You do not need to go to the extremes of joining a health spa but the next time you are standing in line or on a bus, take the time to say hello. You never know where it might lead! It could be a golden hello!