I was with someone the other day who was struggling with sales. He told me that he did not like sales but that he knew he had to improve his ability. I asked him what he had done to acquire skills and knowledge of sales related subjects. Apart for reading a few online blogs and articles he had done absolutely nothing. He had not attended any trainings, read any books, listened to any audios or until now had any coaching. I asked him if he learned to drive that way. Just jump into the car with no previous experience and expect a smooth journey!

When I started in sales I realised I knew next to nothing and I needed to learn. I had to understand about sales and the sales process but I also had to understand more about people, more about psychology and what motivates people to buy. I had to work on my listening, my questioning, my communication………

Over 10 years later I am still learning. Every time I make a sale I learn. Every time I lose a sale I learn. Maybe the fact that I spent 5 years training to be an accountant helped me realise that the knowledge is not just going to pop into your head by osmosis! (although I did try it just to make sure!!). The great thing about investing in your learning in sales is that the monetary rewards come a lot faster. You do not have to wait to pass an exam to start earning more.

What if you do not have any raw talent in sales and yet you still need to sell? You just need to work that much harder to develop your softer skills. It is non-negotiable – people do business with people they like and trust. For example, if you are not very good with people then you have some work to do. It can be done. I did it and have seen others do it too.

The good news is that because sales is a people business the things you learn can impact all areas of your life. You become more confident, assertive, empathetic, positive, and good company. The bad news is that you need to work at it but the results are worth it!

It need not take more than 15 to 30 minutes a day, every day and pretty soon you will find your sales results transformed.