The most important decision you will ever make in sales is deciding to become a student and learn the craft.

When I was a trainee accountant I would show up at the classes because it was part of my job. I hoped one day to be a qualified accountant but I was just going through the motions. I was not taking my learning seriously and the consequence was that I was likely to end up like many part qualified accountants who get so far in their career and then get stuck in tedious jobs with mediocre salaries.

I was poor at the time but I have never liked the idea of being poor! Yet without realising it, my daily actions were leading me down the path to extended poverty! I had spent three years and had not really got very far with passing exams. Yet once I made the decision that I was going to qualify as an accountant what ever it took, I very quickly started passing exams and it was only a matter of a few years before I had qualified. In fact I actually needed less study time than before making the decision because I was now reading and absorbing the material rather than forcing myself to read through glazed over eyes.

You would have thought I learnt my lesson but I found myself repeating the same mistake when my IT consulting job started to require that I get involved in sales. It was only when I fully embraced the fact that I needed to be successful at sales that I started making progress. Before, I was just going through the motions. Unfortunately making the decision did not make the task of selling any easier! It did reduce my resistance to doing the things that I would improve my abilities over time. I faced up to the fact that, like with my path to becoming an accountant, there was a mixture of knowledge that I had some theory to learn and the I needed to get some practice.

Once I had made the decision I began to get lucky and although it was never a smooth ride it was an enjoyable one!

Have you made the decision yet?