I have just got the go ahead for a big project that actually started out as a small opportunity. A company asked for some sales training and it would have been so easy to just focus on what they said they wanted

I teach that you cannot start selling until you have the facts and the first thing to know is what is motivating the enquiry. By doing a sense check and discovering what they REALLY need starts the conversation into a whole new direction and potentially new oportunities.

When you ask why you are checking that the prospect actually knows what they need. The worse that can happen is they confirm that they are an informed buyer and know exactly what they need. Its my experience that when you check and widen the conversation you raise the possibility of identifying additional opportunities.

In this particular case, the training was for skills for increasing the size of sales and guess who was the only sales trainer who demonstrated the skill in their own sales approach?!!!

Next time someone says they want a new website, a change programme, a CRM system………. please take the time to ask the question why! You will be glad you do and so will your prospects.