A big thank you to Jeremy Jacobs for joining me on the web-cast last night, talking about ‘The Sound of Success’. The issue behind the web-cast was that when our first contact with a prospect is via the telephone then the first impression formed is almost entirely affected by our voice. A first encounter may be a cold call or it maybe that we are responding to an enquiry or a referral. It’s not just what we say, but especially how we say it.

Jeremy’s message was that we should consider working on our voice to maximise our chances of making a good first impression. He was not suggesting we should lose our accent or all sound like a Radio 4 news presenter! What we was saying is that with a little practice we can improve the clarity, tone, and modulation of our voice so that it is more pleasant to listen to. It all starts with becoming more conscious about how we are sounding, combined with practice, practice, practice!

There is too much to cover is this short blog and I hope to get an edited recording available shortly for TheAccidentalSalesman.com. I will, however, give 3 top tips that Jeremy gave for working on our voices.

Practice breathing from the abdomen to aid relaxation and voice control
Practice modulating your voice by reading out loud from a children’s story and exaggerate using high and low sounds
Practice slowing down your speech to the rate used by news presenters. Record and play back the news, following them as they go.

Jeremy had lots of other tips too. His biggest message was to relax and focus on your breathing. Relaxation is greatly aided through preparation and being clear about your message and considering the person you are speaking to.