People that follow me on Twitter will have read about my long running struggles with a certain major telecommunications company in getting my billing right. The problem for me is not the mistakes. It’s the amount of time and effort I have had to invest in sorting them out. Holding onto a ‘help’ line for 20 minutes each time (rather than being given a direct number) and people not calling back to me on the number provided just add to the frustration. Funny, though, how I can get through to their sales team with no problem and they always call me back!

The whole episode has reminded me that winning a customer, in sales, is not the whole story. It normally takes more effort and money to win a new customer than to maintain and develop the sales of an existing customer.

If the back-office is out of sync with the sales effort then problems like I have experienced will be allowed to fester. I very much doubt if I will renew once the contract expires. I definitely will not be returning my personal telephone service to them – despite the weekly letters they send me asking me to do so.

On the positive, when experiences like this happen its a good reminder for me to check my own back-office and to make sure that my own house is in order. Glass houses and all that!