I have worked with a number of clients lately who were really struggling in competitive terms. Their weaknesses were getting in the way and they were struggling to counter the objections they were getting from their prospects. No combination of clever words were helping them to overcome their real weaknesses when compared with their competition.

Yet in each case we managed to turn their weaknesses into strengths but finding them a new audience. An audience which would view their weaknesses as major strength and position themselves better when compared to their competition. They had effectively turned weaknesses that was losing them business into strengths that was now giveing them a competitive advantage.

The more you are willing to specialise and focus on a real specialist area which is a good fit for you, the more likely you will gain a competitive advantage.

For example, if you are a one person band – one target audience may consider you as a bad choice because of your lack of scalability yet another could like the fact that you are more flexible and responsive

Try listing out your weaknesses and then think about who may consider them strengths