I had a coaching session this evening from a former interrogator from the US military. It was amazing stuff about sales mindset. The conversation got onto fear and how its stops people from acting in sales. He told me something quite profound that I thought I should share with you. He said that fear was always in the past or in the future but never in the now.

If you are feeling fear then you are either recalling past events or you are imagining future events. One of the biggest causes of fear is uncertainty of the future. It could be as simple as what someone is going to say when you call them to whether you are ever going to achieve success. Sometimes it can feel like you are blindfolded and if only you could see the future!

To remove fear you need to become present and focus on the here and now. Trust that if you prepare enough and you are doing what you are good at that it will all work out. And if it does not, then you will be able to handle it. Chill out, be present in the now and all your fears will disapear – at least until you get back to your normal way of being!

It makes perfect sense. Maybe easier to say than to done certainly something to remember when were are feeling a bit nervous before an important sales meeting!