Did you ever wonder what your prospects are really thinking? Well a key part of effective consultative selling is finding out just that!

One technique I use is “I want” bubbles. It’s like when you see cartoons and they show a speech bubble above their head to reveal what they are thinking. Your job as a consultative sales person is to be able to imagine what is in the bubble above their head in as few words as possible.

For example:

“I am struggling to pay my mortgage and I want to earn more money”
“I am under pressure to beat my targets and it is a challenge. I want some inspiration”
“I hate selling but I need more business. I want to find new customers without having to cold call”

Sometimes it is difficult but I enjoy a challenge! Once we know what is driving a specific prospect’s buying behaviour then selling becomes so much easier. All it takesto find out is some well chosen questions and the desire to know the real answer rather than what you want to hear.