I always love to hear my client’s stories. A typical one is ‘talented and successful person leaves corporate life in search of freedom and financial success but hates selling and is finding the dream is starting to turn into a nightmare. They have the freedom but the struggle with not earning enough money and all the family pressures that brings is wearing them down. They know they can be successful if they can only find a way of dealing with their sales bete noire. They hide it well from others but deep down they know its the only thing standing in the way of the life they dreamed for themselves and their loved ones. They are too proud to say anything, to ask for help. Instead they just struggle on hoping that something is just around the corner. Until one day……

I can really relate to this story because I have been through it in the early days of my sales journey all those years ago. What changed it for me is the understanding that life is a story and we are the author. If you don’t like the way the story is going then we can always write a new chapter. I find this inspiring as it puts me in control of my life. Things do not always go according to plan but I get to choose how my story ends. I am always more interested in my clients next chapter and how they quickly turn their situation around for themselves and for the important people in their lives.

We may not be able to predict the events that occur as the story unfolds – the story would be boring if that were to happen. We can, however, decide to take a new path in our journey. We can seek out the wise people along the way who can prepare us for the challenges to come. The most important thing though is that that once we decide on the happy ending and start on our journey we look forward rather than look back.

If you are unhappy the way your story is going right now then perhaps its time to step back and write a whole new chapter.