Shrewd marketers have used stories through the years to help make businesses more real and emphasise why the business is different. Stories are about people and people like to do business with people.

There is a story to everything. Think about your favourite piece of furniture in your house. What is the story behind how you acquired it? How about how you started your business?

The classic business story is the famous Hewlett Packard (HP) story. It’s about how the business was started in a Palo Alto garage by two inventors with next to no money and big dreams. This story is used to emphasise how Hewlett Packard is all about invention and innovation.

There is an excellent advert running at the moment by Kelloggs about how their founder used to sign every box himself as a mark of authenticity. The advert tells us that if it does not say Kelloggs on the box, it is not Kelloggs IN the box.

When I am telling the story behind The Accidental Salesman® I talk about how I stumbled into sales and how I hated it and was pretty useless and how I made it my mission to find a way to sell that I felt comfortable with that did not require being pushy or manipulative.

People love stories and they will love your story. Tell them how you came to do what you do. Use stories to tell prospects why your business does things differently. If storytelling is good enough for HP and Kellogs, then its good enough for me!