I was with a web designer last week who found it relatively easy to find new clients wanting a website but struggled to cross-sell the add-on services. Services such as search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. My client avoided talking about these as she did not want to appear ‘pushy’.

Let me ask you a question, I challenged;

Me: ‘Do your clients come to you for a pretty online brochure?’

Web designer: ‘Sometimes, but mainly they want more clients’

Me: ‘Will they get more clients from the website if it is not found?’

Web designer: ‘Of course not!’

Me: ‘So, what you are saying is that unless they have alternative arrangements for ensuring their website is found then they are wasting their money?’

Web designer: ‘Well, I am not sure I would put it like that……….’

Me: ‘What are the chances that your normal type of client is an expert in getting their website found?’

Web designer: ‘Very low, they come to me because their existing website is not working’

Me: ‘If I paid out good money for a website with the express intension of getting more clients and it did not result in a stream of enquiries then I would be a bit disappointed. Especially if I found out from anther web designer that the website had not been optimised’

Web designer: ‘Well, if you put it like that………..’

The issue here is my web designer client had been too focused on the product (a new website) and not the reason causing her clients to want the website in the first place (more business). She soon realised that unless she offered her clients these services she would be letting them down and offering an inferior service.

How about you? What other related products and services should you be offering your prospects and clients to better serve them?