The other day I had to use my mobile phone carrier’s help line to unlock my voicemail. Fairly soon after I had finished my call I was sent some automated questions asking about my experience. On every question asked about the service I rated them 10 out of 10. Yet when asked if I would recommend them to a friend or family member based on the service I said ‘NO!’

The way my call was handled once I got through was perfect. The fact I had to wait 45 minutes to get through to someone was disgraceful. It happens every time I call them no matter what time of day it is. I am left hanging on the line just waiting with no idea if I had to wait another 45 minutes or another second! Given they used to just cut help line calls off dead during busy times without any choice to stay on hold….I suppose they are making progress!

Strange thing is that the average time taken to answer is probably no better than another company I use but at least they tell you where you are in the queue and how long you are likely to have to wait until your call is answered. Even though their operators are not as helpful I think it is a better service because I have better information to help me decide whether to hold on the line or try my chances another time.

Any process, including a sales process, is more effective when one is considerate of the people being taken through the process. It’s so easy to get everything right and yet get it all wrong because the designer of the process has focused on the specific tasks, without considering the person being taken through the process.

All I can assume with this mobile phone company, is that the designer of the process is either lacking in empathy skills or uses a different mobile phone company!