I often get asked by people how they can get prospects more excited about their products and services.

The thing to keep in mind is that emotions are contagious and unless you are excited about your products and services then how can you expect your prospects to be? Pretending is not enough. In fact most people will see through fake excitement and will just see you as being insincere and are unlikely to believe what you want to say.

It’s much easier to get sincerely excited about a product or services once you start to focus on how it will help your prospect. They will only get excited when they see how it will make a difference to them and if you can get excited about that, then your products and services will never be boring again!

Start talking to your best customers about how they have benefited from working with you. Get them to let you know how things were before they started working with you and how things have been transformed. Maybe it has had an impact in their personal life such as earned them a promotion or allowed them to get home early to see their children go to bed.

If none of that gets you excited then perhaps you should be selling something that does!