I am a big fan of Frank Furness. He is an international speaker and trainer in sales and is currently working in over 48 countries. Frank specialises in new business generation and the use of technology in generating leads. I regularly quote Frank’s saying that cold calling is the price you pay for not doing enough lead generation activity in other areas.

In this recording Frank reveals 17 strategies for lead generation including some of the things you can do with online technology.

Frank puts the reason why people struggle to generate enough leads down to the fact that they typically only follow one or two strategies. They are also more focused on sales than lead generation. According to Frank, you can have the best sales technique in the world but if you do not get in front of enough of the right prospects then you will struggle. Conversely, you can be an amateur at sales and yet if you do enough prospecting then someone is likely to buy from you. Sure, work on your technique but once you have got leads coming in.

If you only listen to one audio on this site then make it this one! Frank provides a wealth of information and lots of references to free resources. I have to say that it is one of my favourite recordings and I will be listening to it myself several times to make sure that I am doing all 17 strategies.

You may want to listen to this more than once. If you get a chance then take notes. Although it is delivered in an easy to digest fashion it is packed with practical ideas.