When I first started using Twitter, like many, I did not know what I was doing. My networking mentor Thomas Power told me I should be using Twitter and so I gave it a go! I then did the normal search to find out how to get more followers and found there were plenty of people happy to give advice. There were more Twitter ‘experts’ than you can shake a pointed stick at!

There was one person the ‘people in the know’ kept talking about – Nikki Pilkington . I was intrigued by Nikki because, unlike the other people giving out Twitter advice, she had lots of followers and yet she did not seem to be following many people. That told my simplistic mind that she is someone people listen to.

The one thing club members kept asking me was “How do I use Twitter to find clients?” I am still a novice and I wanted to find out just as much as anyone else!

So I turned to Nikki Pilkington to see if she would let me interview her for the  Accidental Salesman Business Development Club teleseminar. I was half expecting Nikki to decline as she is someone who refuses to call herself a Twitter expert! So I was delighted when she said “YES”

As expected, the Teleseminar was well attended and the information was brilliant. Specifically, Nikki shares the following information:

  • Why following people who follow you is a BAD strategy
  • How to decide what to Tweet
  • How to find out when people are discussing buying what you offer
  • Nikki’s 5 top tips on how to use Twitter to find clients
  • How to keep your time on Twitter to just 15 minutes a day