How realistic are your goals? If you diligently follow the SMART formula for setting goals then your goals are just not big enough!! That is the conclusion that Accidental Salesman® interviewee David Hyner of Stretch Development came to after interviewing over 100 top achievers who are all creating amazing levels of success. In this recording I interview David on the 5 step model which he developed by boiling down all the wisdom generated from his research into an easy to follow process he calls ‘The Massive Goal Principle’.

In my own words the five steps are:
Step 1 – Set a big fat hairy goal!!
Step 2 – Research your goal and break down into tasks
Step 3 – Prioritise tasks and integrate into your daily calendar
Step 4 – Take action!
Step 5 – Never give up (Keep on keeping on!)

I first met David on a trek in Peru. He was talking about his research and I thought I knew what he was talking about because it all seemed so simple. It was only after I had been on his workshop and explored the mindset behind the 5 steps that I understood how profound the insights were. By listening to this audio you will begin to understand the power of the 5 step model and how to take it from theory into action. It will get you thinking bigger and give you a structure for turning your big fat hairy goals into tangible results.

Each time I listen to it I fired up all over again!! I challenge you to follow David’s insights and not get inspired! Once you have listened to this audio I promise you that you will never settle for realistic goals again!

You may want to listen to this more than once. If you get a chance then take notes. Although it is delivered in an easy to digest fashion it is packed with practical ideas.