Have you considered using a tele-marketing agency to generate more leads for your business?
I regularly come across business owners who have invested in tele-marketing only to be left with a large bill and nothing to show for it. I also come across business owners who swear by tele-marketing and sometimes they have been using the same agency as other business owners who have had a bad experience!

What is the difference between a successful campaign and one that is doomed to failure? What should you really expect from a tele-marketing agency and is it a potential option for your business? In this teleseminar recording I interview chartered marketer Nigel Woods. Nigel runs a successful telemarketing agency and I find out from Nigel how to maximise the return from any tele-marketing campaign.

You may want to listen to this more than once. If you get a chance then take notes. Although it is delivered in an easy to digest fashion it is packed with practical ideas.