This is an edited recording of the teleseminar done by Andy Preston where he debunked some of the myths associated with closing the sale and presented a simple approach to closing which will prevent you from having to put any pressure at the end of the sales process.

Andy is a top sales trainer and works with some of the best sales teams around. He is well placed to share with us what sales professionals do to make closing the sale easier.

In this recording Andy uses a metaphor of a corridor full of doors. Each door leads to a room. He described the process of summarising and confirming as the equivalent of working your way down the corridor closing the doors. This is Andy’s interpretation of the adage ‘Always be closing’. Each time you close a door you are closing off part of the sale. When you reach the end of the corridor and all the doors are closed then the sale is inevitable. All that is left is to give a final summary and then ask for the business with a question like ‘Shall we go ahead?’

Andy says that summarising and confirming is a habit and all great sales people do it. As it removes the pressure from the final close and also makes handling objections a lot easier it is definitely something worth working on.

This recording in highly recommended listing for anyone who is involved in sales and is a little unclear about how to close a sale.

You may want to listen to this more than once. If you get a chance then take notes. Although it is delivered in an easy to digest fashion it is packed with practical ideas.