The Accidental Salesman Networking Survival Guide

The essential hands-on manual, with exercises, for winning more business and gaining new sales leads. Networking is an important method of lead generation for trusted advisers and this book is about how to make your networking more productive. It is especially useful for those that are seeking referrals to hard-to-reach people.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to powerfully communicate the value of your services.
  • How to get more referrals from people you already know.
  • How to get remembered for what you do.

“The Accidental Salesman is a quick, informative and highly worthwhile read. Richard White’s book has helped me to network effectively and efficiently and having applied his suggested strategies of what to say to people in that all important first few seconds of meeting. I have learned how to communicate accurately the answer to, “What do you do?’ But for me the most helpful area of the book has been to understand who are my best customers and why? A neat exercise has helped me to quickly identify who I would like to work with and who to turn away.”

Liz Kirk, Education Consultant

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Consultative Selling for Professional Services

The essential sales manual for consultants and other trusted advisers.  This book will enable you to develop the mindset that is key to being effective at sales, without abandoning your integrity or your status as a trusted adviser. You will gain insights and easy to implement strategies that will help you win more profitable clients, increase income from existing clients, and feel comfortable with selling. 

Specifically you will learn:

  • The sales process you must follow to maintain trust
  • How to tell the difference between buyers and timewasters
  • How to handle a sales meeting
  • The secret to effective proposals
  • How to effectively handle price objections
  • How to close the sale without being manipulative

“A practical guide to consultative selling packed with useful structures, tips and anecdotes which are simple to understand and apply immediately into your sales activity. Read it thoroughly or use it as a reference guide which you dip in and out of, either way you’ll get great guidance on how you to improve results from your sales activity as a consultant.”

Derek Bishop, Culture Consultancy

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The Sales Coach: Teach Yourself

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A self-coaching workbook for experienced business developers who want to take their sales results to the next level. 17 chapters packed full of exercises covering lead generation, closing the sale, and increasing sales performance. Complete the self-assessment to identify where you need to focus to increase your sales results. Then work through the exercises to hone your skills.

  • Improve your sales effectiveness
  • Discover your USP
  • Hone your sales pitch
  • Win more sales with less effort
  • Feel more confident and motivated

“As someone in the business of advising on customer loyalty, it’s nice to see a book on sales that actually takes an honest and authentic approach to sales that improves trust and relationships. I also enjoyed Richard’s easy to read conversational style, some great analogies and live examples, plus the practical exercises that make it easy for us to implement the principles in our own businesses.”

Caroline Cooper, Naturally Loyal

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