All of our business development training courses allow attendees to immediately apply the learning to their own circumstances and needs. We recognise that business development comes from action rather than knowledge and so we focus our training on the key things that make a big difference so that you will get a fast return on investment when you start to apply the skills.


Lead Generation Masterclass


This is a practical course for consultants and trusted advisers who want to be able to generate more leads from existing clients and existing clients.  During a highly interactive workshop, attendees develop the practical skills to be able to generate leads conversationally and in a way that builds trust. It is ideal for those who want to quickly generate interest in specific products and services through networking, webinars, seminars, and talking to existing clients.

“I attended the Lead Generation Master Class courses and found it both enlightening and enjoyable. I learned what it is that I provide and who it is that I provide it for. I recommend this course to anyone who thinks that they are the panacea for all ills or is unable to express clearly what is that they do and what their ideal prospect looks like.”

Tony Phybus
Project Management Consultant

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Consultative Selling Masterclass


This practical and interactive training course provides attendees with the core skills and confidence to close a sale in a way that builds trust. The net effect is that people who currently feel awkward with selling will feel in control of the whole sales process and be able to overcome issues with money and premium pricing. The training includes role-play which is tailored to a company’s specific products and services when run as an inhouse training.

“I attended the Consultative Selling Master Class yesterday. It was a well structured event which ensured everyone was active and interactive throughout the day. Don’t come if you are hoping for a rest from the day job!”

Andrew Wilcox
MD, Cadre Consulting

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Business Development Academy

A structured and inspirational 52 week business growth programme for owners of small and medium sized businesses who are looking to gain control of their sales and marketing. The programme covers the following areas:

  • More leads
  • More conversions
  • More transactions
  • Higher prices
  • More profits

“I would highly recommend this, exciting and inspirational programme, which has and will continue to increase my bottom line. It’s incredible value and should be grabbed with both hands”

Chris Palmer, Managing Director, AnyTech Solutions.

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