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A small difference can make a big difference

When I was walking in the mountains of Peru last year it was amazing that despite walking at a very slow pace we seemed to cover a lot of ground within the space of a day. We live in an instant gratification society. We are so used to getting things straight away that we expect everything to be instant. The same is true with progress in sales. Taking small consistent [...]

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How to boost your selling skills without sales training

It is possible to significantly improve your selling skills in a relatively short space of time without any more sales training and long as you are prepared to take charge of your own learning. Following these simple steps, you can become your own sales coach: Prioritise Which selling skills, specifically, do you want to develop? There are many areas of sales and in order to develop them you need to [...]

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The magic wardrobe

I recently met a very confident woman who confided in me she was sometimes quite nervous in sales situations and yet it never showed. I asked her how she managed to maintain her outer confidence. Her answer was what she called her ‘magic wardrobe’. In her magic wardrobe she has a number of outfits that she puts on that give her special capabilities. She has an imaginary golden outfit that [...]

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Knowledge is not always a good thing!

I recently starting working with a business owner who was struggling to generate interest in her services. She started her business in a flurry of euphoria and excitement. The service had such a profound effect on her life that she could not wait to get trained and start offering it to others. It has been 6 months after launching her business and she had long since run out of money [...]

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What’s your story?

Shrewd marketers have used stories through the years to help make businesses more real and emphasise why the business is different. Stories are about people and people like to do business with people. There is a story to everything. Think about your favourite piece of furniture in your house. What is the story behind how you acquired it? How about how you started your business? The classic business story is [...]

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The Magic of Choice

I was at a networking meeting the other day having a conversation with someone about the need for choice in order to make price comparisons. He said that he used to own a retail store selling learning products for children and he had noticed that when he had just one product of its type on the shelf it often did not sell as well as when he had two or [...]

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Do you network for introducers?

When I meet new people and get to know a little bit more about their background and their experiences I am always amazed by who they know and the shared connections we have. Many people that are currently working in micro businesses have previously worked in very large companies at a very senior level. If you only see networking as a way of bumping into future customers and you want [...]

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How to Sell Thin Air

‘How to Sell Thin Air’…..That was the title of the workshop I ran for Ecadamist Mark Underwood’s excellent Business NLP Group meeting last night. Its a club to show the business applications of NLP and was well attended by people who run their own business and people that work in companies in a non-sales role. Selling ideas and pure services are very similar. They are often very intangible and take [...]

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Selling more by redefining what you do

I was running a sales training course the other day and I was covering how to make cross selling to existing customers easier by increasing the range of products and services on offer. One attendee said: ‘I am an aroma therapist – does that mean to give different types of therapy such as reflexology?’ One approach would, indeed, be to train in alternative therapies. The thinking here is ‘I am [...]

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Business networking tips: how to start a conversation

When I first got into business networking I felt very awkward and did not say much until someone came and spoke to me. I realised that this would limit the number of people I would meet so I decided that I would learn how to feel more confident about networking. I asked a few people how they first learnt and they recommended a book called ‘How to Win Friends and [...]