• nikkipilkington

How to use Twitter to find clients

When I first started using Twitter, like many, I did not know what I was doing. My networking mentor Thomas Power told me I should be using Twitter and so I gave it a go! I then did the normal search to find out how to get more followers and found there were plenty of people happy to give advice. There were more Twitter ‘experts’ than you can shake a [...]

  • art182

Make sure your goals are big, fat, and hairy!!

How realistic are your goals? If you diligently follow the SMART formula for setting goals then your goals are just not big enough!! That is the conclusion that Accidental Salesman® interviewee David Hyner of Stretch Development came to after interviewing over 100 top achievers who are all creating amazing levels of success. In this recording I interview David on the 5 step model which he developed by boiling down all [...]

  • art181

Making the most of sales meetings

Craig Goldblatt is an international speaker, trainer, and coach on sales and in this interview he shows us the right way to approach our sales meetings to maximise the chances of making a sale. A major part of this recording is how to prepare for sales meetings. You have spent a lot of time and effort generating and qualifying a sales lead. The next stage is to meet the prospect [...]

  • client development golden geese

The process of selling

Understanding sales process is critically important if you want to be in control of your sales. There seems to be a lot of mistique that surrounds sales process and yet it is all very simple when you strip it back to its basics. This is a professional recording of me being interviewed by Chantal Cooke of Passion for the Planet radio. During this interview I am explaining to Chantal how [...]

  • art164

The simple way to close a sale

This is an edited recording of the teleseminar done by Andy Preston where he debunked some of the myths associated with closing the sale and presented a simple approach to closing which will prevent you from having to put any pressure at the end of the sales process. Andy is a top sales trainer and works with some of the best sales teams around. He is well placed to share [...]

  • art180

Negotiating for win-win deals

You have generated the lead, done your fact find and submitted a sales proposal. There is one last hurdle to get over and that is negotiating the final deal. Whilst most negotiations happen on an informal basis it helps to develop your negotiating skill. If selling to larger businesses with professional buyers, negotiation skills are essential. In this teleseminar recording I interview negotiations expert Nicole Bachmann on how to negotiate [...]

  • art179

How to write a sales proposal

Why are so many sales proposals unsuccessful? You spend all time and effort on putting them together, only to see your hopes for a successful sale turn to dust. Ellis Pratt is the Sales and Marketing Director of Cherryleaf Ltd, a business specialising in documentation and technical authoring. A few years ago, Cherryleaf decided to look into the secrets of successful sales proposal writing and wrote down some advice on [...]

  • art178

Successful account management

A regular stream of new clients are important for any business, but how do you make sure that you are maximising the potential of existing clients? How do you decide which clients to develop and how do you go about building accounts? Andrew Horder is an expert in account management and key account development and in this recording he provides insights on how to get account management right. Andrew has [...]

  • art177

Leveraging the power of your network

Most people already have enough contacts to win significantly more referrals from networking than they are currently getting. This is an edited recording of an interview with Andy Lopata - author of best selling book 'Recommended'. Andy goes into some detail as to how to approach leveraging your existing contacts to win more business from networking. For eight years, Andy was Managing Director of Business Referral Exchange, one of the [...]

  • art176

Sales on a beer mat!

Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur and best-selling business author. His book titles include 'Beermat Entrepreneur' and 'Sales on a Beer Mat'. He is also a columnist for the Financial Times. Mike is a salesman through and through and has been involved in building and selling many businesses. In this entertaining podcast Mike runs through the three elements of sales featured in his book 'Sales on a Beermat': Be [...]