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Look after your golden geese

Here is one of my favourite stories. The philosophy behind it has helped me immensely in building up key accounts: A man and his wife owned a very special goose. Every day this goose laid a golden egg, which provided a very comfortable income. Some days it laid more than one egg. On occassions it laid no eggs at all. The couple, however, had lived very comfortably from the golden [...]

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Successful account management

A regular stream of new clients are important for any business, but how do you make sure that you are maximising the potential of existing clients? How do you decide which clients to develop and how do you go about building accounts? Andrew Horder is an expert in account management and key account development and in this recording he provides insights on how to get account management right. Andrew has [...]

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Take the easy road to more sales

Sometimes we can make things harder for ourselves without realising it. I prefer to take the easy path every time, especially when it comes to sales. It took me a while to fully appreciate that there are some things that are easier to sell than others. But when I ‘got it’ I became really excited because in those days I hated selling and wanted to spend as many days as [...]

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Consultative selling – the great golden egg hunt

Finding new clients can be hard work, especially in the current economic environment. The best sales people know that the easiest sale to make is with existing clients. But how do you get them to spend more money with you? In my experience you can sell more to your clients and actually enhance the relationship at the same time….. if you do it properly. To me a good client is [...]

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How to get your prospects to start spending

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people struggling to get their potential clients to take the step from being interested to parting with cash. They are hearing all the right noises but wallets are remaining firmly closed. It’s understandable when you consider the current flat economy and general uncertainty combined with the continual doom and gloom pumped out by the media. So how do you get people to [...]

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Do you want a sale or a relationship?

For me the answer is both! Not only do you end up selling more but you have a much more enjoyable time doing so! When I am coaching corporate sales people and business owners to increase sales with their existing clients I often come across one of two mistakes which get in the way of sales. Firstly, the sales person only ever talks to the client when they want to [...]

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There is more to sales than selling

People that follow me on Twitter will have read about my long running struggles with a certain major telecommunications company in getting my billing right. The problem for me is not the mistakes. It’s the amount of time and effort I have had to invest in sorting them out. Holding onto a ‘help’ line for 20 minutes each time (rather than being given a direct number) and people not calling [...]

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5 Soft selling tips for increasing sales with existing clients

Increasing sales with existing clients may seem difficult in the current economic climate. Here are 5 soft selling tips for increasing sales without being pushy. 1. Be Proactive Soft selling does not mean no selling! In boom times it may have been possible to just work on the relationships and trust that your clients would come to you when they wanted something. If you assume that your clients are avoiding [...]

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Sales Terminology: Up-Selling

Up-selling makes the selling of services easier and increases the value of existing and new customers. This article explains what up-selling really means. Up-selling is where you attempt to sell a customer a higher value product or service. It could be an existing customer who is already using the product or service and selling them a bigger or better version. It could also be selling potential customers a more valuable [...]

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Sales Terminology: Cross-Selling

Cross-selling makes the selling of services easier and increases the value of existing and new customers. This article explains what cross-selling really means. Cross-selling is where you attempt to sell a customer additional products and services. For example, a mobile phone company may attempt to cross-sell mobile broadband packages to customers who are on a monthly package. The customer would go from just using their monthly mobile phone package to [...]