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Consultative selling – the great golden egg hunt

Finding new clients can be hard work, especially in the current economic environment. The best sales people know that the easiest sale to make is with existing clients. But how do you get them to spend more money with you? In my experience you can sell more to your clients and actually enhance the relationship at the same time….. if you do it properly. To me a good client is [...]

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5 Soft selling tips for increasing sales with existing clients

Increasing sales with existing clients may seem difficult in the current economic climate. Here are 5 soft selling tips for increasing sales without being pushy. 1. Be Proactive Soft selling does not mean no selling! In boom times it may have been possible to just work on the relationships and trust that your clients would come to you when they wanted something. If you assume that your clients are avoiding [...]

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Word of Mouth Recommendations

Referrals are much easier to win than any other form of lead. There is nothing better than a recommendation from a satisfied existing client. You can educate clients to provide referrals. The best time is when you have just won a sale, especially if the lead is through a referral. For example. ‘Our business is built on referrals and that is how we manage to keep our costs down. Once [...]

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Are you sitting on a sales goldmine?

There may be less work out there right now than there was but there is still work to be won. Many businesses that are struggling to find enough sales or their sales have plateaued do not realise that in their constant search for new clients they have been missing out on opportunities that they would stand a much better chance of winning. People tend to do business with people they [...]

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A bird in the hand!

I have been preparing for a chamber of commerce talk I am giving in a couple of days time on ways to significantly grow sales without sales training. One of the areas is in relation to existing customers. I see so many smaller businesses that are struggling to generate enough new leads when they have masses of untapped opportunity with existing customers. For example: I had a web designer client [...]

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A farmers guide to generating new leads

I was having a discussion today with a client about lead generation and was pointing out that they were missing a lot of sales opportunities with their existing accounts. The client was praising his account managers but, as far as I could see, they are doing little more that order-taking combined with resolving the day-to-day issues arising from their accounts. I think there is a common misconception as to the [...]