Cross Selling/ Up Selling

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Take the easy road to more sales

Sometimes we can make things harder for ourselves without realising it. I prefer to take the easy path every time, especially when it comes to sales. It took me a while to fully appreciate that there are some things that are easier to sell than others. But when I ‘got it’ I became really excited because in those days I hated selling and wanted to spend as many days as [...]

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How to get your prospects to start spending

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people struggling to get their potential clients to take the step from being interested to parting with cash. They are hearing all the right noises but wallets are remaining firmly closed. It’s understandable when you consider the current flat economy and general uncertainty combined with the continual doom and gloom pumped out by the media. So how do you get people to [...]

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Sales Terminology: Up-Selling

Up-selling makes the selling of services easier and increases the value of existing and new customers. This article explains what up-selling really means. Up-selling is where you attempt to sell a customer a higher value product or service. It could be an existing customer who is already using the product or service and selling them a bigger or better version. It could also be selling potential customers a more valuable [...]

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Sales Terminology: Cross-Selling

Cross-selling makes the selling of services easier and increases the value of existing and new customers. This article explains what cross-selling really means. Cross-selling is where you attempt to sell a customer additional products and services. For example, a mobile phone company may attempt to cross-sell mobile broadband packages to customers who are on a monthly package. The customer would go from just using their monthly mobile phone package to [...]

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Broaching the subject of additional services

The other day I was asked a question which I know is a common issue so I thought I would share my response. The question was to do with broaching the subject of additional services where you could see a client had a need for them. My advice was not to bother broaching the subject about the services at all. Instead they should broach the subject of the underlying problem [...]

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When failing to cross-sell is a disservice

I was with a web designer last week who found it relatively easy to find new clients wanting a website but struggled to cross-sell the add-on services. Services such as search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. My client avoided talking about these as she did not want to appear ‘pushy’. Let me ask you a question, I challenged; Me: ‘Do your clients come to you for a pretty online brochure?’ [...]