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Look after your golden geese

Here is one of my favourite stories. The philosophy behind it has helped me immensely in building up key accounts: A man and his wife owned a very special goose. Every day this goose laid a golden egg, which provided a very comfortable income. Some days it laid more than one egg. On occassions it laid no eggs at all. The couple, however, had lived very comfortably from the golden [...]

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Do you want a sale or a relationship?

For me the answer is both! Not only do you end up selling more but you have a much more enjoyable time doing so! When I am coaching corporate sales people and business owners to increase sales with their existing clients I often come across one of two mistakes which get in the way of sales. Firstly, the sales person only ever talks to the client when they want to [...]

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There is more to sales than selling

People that follow me on Twitter will have read about my long running struggles with a certain major telecommunications company in getting my billing right. The problem for me is not the mistakes. It’s the amount of time and effort I have had to invest in sorting them out. Holding onto a ‘help’ line for 20 minutes each time (rather than being given a direct number) and people not calling [...]

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Words can be costly when building trusted relationships

There is a saying that ‘Words are cheap’. When it comes to building trusted relationships with clients words can turn out to be very expensive. What you say to clients is important but not as important as what you do. People pay more attention to your behaviour than what you say. Being authentic when selling will make building client accounts based on trust so much easier. The ultimate goal with [...]

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A time to sell

was recently talking with a business owner who was struggling to sell more to an existing client. He could not understand why the client would not take his calls unless he wanted to buy something. ‘I really want to try and build a relationship but how is that possible if he will not meet me?’ It seems that the nature of this relationship is ‘don’t call me, I will call [...]

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You cannot process a relationship

It may seem very tempting to buy into the view that there is a process for everything, but when it comes to relationships it’s not that simple. We are not machines and we do not respond well when treated like one. Don’t get me wrong. Processes are important and I spend a lot of time helping businesses improve their sales processes. I just want to get across the point that [...]

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How to increase rates without losing clients

I have had a lot of clients lately who have come to me looking for ways to increase the rates they are able to charge clients without losing them. So many are providing a Rolls Royce solution but only charging Lada prices. They realise that they are doing a lot of good work and yet not getting paid enough for it. If you are in this situation then a good [...]

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Why Soft Selling Counts?

Sales is the most important part of any business as its profitable sales that puts the money in the bank but many business owners stereotypically think that they must train themselves/staff to be pushy salesman. Soft selling is a way of doing business where the buyer does not feel like they are being ’sold’ to and the seller does not feel like they are selling. Everything is done in a [...]

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Go for tried, tested, trusted

Most people would not need to think too much about buying a lottery or raffle ticker for £1. Raise the ticket price to £100 per ticket and there will be far fewer takers! The bigger the stakes the less people like to take risks with their money. This does not just apply to gambling but in business too. A good ‘rule of thumb’ to work with is that the bigger [...]