Closing Sales

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The simple way to close a sale

This is an edited recording of the teleseminar done by Andy Preston where he debunked some of the myths associated with closing the sale and presented a simple approach to closing which will prevent you from having to put any pressure at the end of the sales process. Andy is a top sales trainer and works with some of the best sales teams around. He is well placed to share [...]

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Negotiating for win-win deals

You have generated the lead, done your fact find and submitted a sales proposal. There is one last hurdle to get over and that is negotiating the final deal. Whilst most negotiations happen on an informal basis it helps to develop your negotiating skill. If selling to larger businesses with professional buyers, negotiation skills are essential. In this teleseminar recording I interview negotiations expert Nicole Bachmann on how to negotiate [...]

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How to write a sales proposal

Why are so many sales proposals unsuccessful? You spend all time and effort on putting them together, only to see your hopes for a successful sale turn to dust. Ellis Pratt is the Sales and Marketing Director of Cherryleaf Ltd, a business specialising in documentation and technical authoring. A few years ago, Cherryleaf decided to look into the secrets of successful sales proposal writing and wrote down some advice on [...]

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Consultative selling techniques for closing the sale: The Next Step

Many of the closing techniques that regularly appear in sales books are fine for simple situations like selling kitchenware and the sale starts and ends in the same session without anyone else being involved. Selling services to large corporates is normally much more complex. If you do not win the sale you need to leave the door open for future sales opportunities and using “strong arm” closing tactics tend to [...]

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handling sales objections: How to filter out price objections

Handling objections, and especially price objections, is an area of sales that people often find tricky. One of the main reasons for getting lots of price objections is caused by not taking the time to filter out unlikely prospects. In sales, this part of the sales process is known as “qualifying”. It’s about sorting the wheat from the chaff. Getting prospects to reveal their precise budget can be quite tricky [...]

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How to prevent the dreaded VPS!

Have you ever had a sales opportunity that you were convinced was a certainty and then the prospect disappears off the planet? You know, when they are too ‘nice’ to tell you NO? The technical term is ‘Vanishing Prospect Syndrome’ or VPS for short! I am sure we have all suffered VPS before. The symptoms are common. Periods of mild depression at not hearing anything from the prospect. This then [...]

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Look for the spotty face!

I was helping a client to make her pitch more powerful the other day and l was struggling to get her to stop talking about problems people do not realise they have. At times like this I use my ‘Spotty Face’ analogy. Imagine you are a doctor and a lady comes to see you with a spotty face. She is a grown woman and is worried that the spots are [...]

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Handling price competition by introducing service levels

The other day a business man was complaining to me that certain buyers were not recognising the difference in value between his product and those of his competition. He was providing a much superior level of service but it was failing to register on the buyer’s radar. All they seemed to be interested in was price. He was an accomplished sales person and yet this one had him stumped. He [...]

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Inoculation makes handling price objections easier

You can avoid some serious diseases by receiving an inoculation. You can handle price objections in a very similar way. The smallpox inoculation works by infecting an individual with a mild case of smallpox and the body builds up natural defenses. Using the same idea, you can inoculate prospects against serious price objections by using the concept of inoculation. This will help enormously when closing sales. You introduce price early [...]

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Turn your weaknesses into your competitive advantage!

I have worked with a number of clients lately who were really struggling in competitive terms. Their weaknesses were getting in the way and they were struggling to counter the objections they were getting from their prospects. No combination of clever words were helping them to overcome their real weaknesses when compared with their competition. Yet in each case we managed to turn their weaknesses into strengths but finding them [...]