Closing Techniques

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The simple way to close a sale

This is an edited recording of the teleseminar done by Andy Preston where he debunked some of the myths associated with closing the sale and presented a simple approach to closing which will prevent you from having to put any pressure at the end of the sales process. Andy is a top sales trainer and works with some of the best sales teams around. He is well placed to share [...]

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Consultative selling techniques for closing the sale: The Next Step

Many of the closing techniques that regularly appear in sales books are fine for simple situations like selling kitchenware and the sale starts and ends in the same session without anyone else being involved. Selling services to large corporates is normally much more complex. If you do not win the sale you need to leave the door open for future sales opportunities and using “strong arm” closing tactics tend to [...]

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5 essential sales closing techniques for people who hate being pushy

If you hate being pushy and yet you need to win more sales then check out these 5 sales closing techniques that have served me well over the years: Going strategic Before you start selling anything you need to do what I call the “groundwork”. It’s what we teach at the Business Development Academy and it’s all about being clear about the answers to the following questions: Who is your [...]