Handling Objections

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handling sales objections: How to filter out price objections

Handling objections, and especially price objections, is an area of sales that people often find tricky. One of the main reasons for getting lots of price objections is caused by not taking the time to filter out unlikely prospects. In sales, this part of the sales process is known as “qualifying”. It’s about sorting the wheat from the chaff. Getting prospects to reveal their precise budget can be quite tricky [...]

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Handling price competition by introducing service levels

The other day a business man was complaining to me that certain buyers were not recognising the difference in value between his product and those of his competition. He was providing a much superior level of service but it was failing to register on the buyer’s radar. All they seemed to be interested in was price. He was an accomplished sales person and yet this one had him stumped. He [...]

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Inoculation makes handling price objections easier

You can avoid some serious diseases by receiving an inoculation. You can handle price objections in a very similar way. The smallpox inoculation works by infecting an individual with a mild case of smallpox and the body builds up natural defenses. Using the same idea, you can inoculate prospects against serious price objections by using the concept of inoculation. This will help enormously when closing sales. You introduce price early [...]

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Turn your weaknesses into your competitive advantage!

I have worked with a number of clients lately who were really struggling in competitive terms. Their weaknesses were getting in the way and they were struggling to counter the objections they were getting from their prospects. No combination of clever words were helping them to overcome their real weaknesses when compared with their competition. Yet in each case we managed to turn their weaknesses into strengths but finding them [...]

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How to deal with ‘I can’t afford it!’

I was chatting to one of my Soft Selling clients recently. Sally was asking for advice on how to convince someone with no money to invest in her services. Sally’s prospect desperately needed her services but ‘could not afford it’. She was considering dropping her rates to something she felt her prospect could afford. ‘This keeps on happening to me’ said Sally ‘I know the other person needs my services [...]

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3 Soft Selling techniques for handling price objections

Soft selling does not mean giving in to price objections - far from it! Handling price objections is an area of sales that many accidental sales people struggle with. What do you say when people question your prices? Here are 3 soft selling strategies which make it a loss less scary. Anticipation In Soft Selling we aim to produce a proposal that is a ‘no brainer’. If we know that [...]

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Handling price objections: Check expectations

This is the first article in a series on how to handle price objections or, to be precise, avoid them from arising in the first place. It can be a huge waste of time to go through the consultative sales process only to find out that your prospect has massively different expectations about what it would cost for a solution to their problem. A key stage in the consultative sales [...]

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Handling price objections: Never negotiate rates

Negotiate solution is a specific stage in the consultative sales process. You write your sales proposal so that you will not have to negotiate but you need to be ready to negotiate nonetheless. One of the reasons you may have to negotiate is on price. Despite your best efforts in assessing budget and communicating value, you still may get into a situation where your prospect is unable to go ahead [...]

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Handling price objections: Build the value first

Many price objections could be eliminated all together by being more in control of when we talk about money. It is quite common for someone in buying mode to want to know the cost up front before deciding to continue the conversation. Yet in sales we need to manage the conversation so that we can build the value first before discussing costs. You also need to build the value in [...]