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Negotiating for win-win deals

You have generated the lead, done your fact find and submitted a sales proposal. There is one last hurdle to get over and that is negotiating the final deal. Whilst most negotiations happen on an informal basis it helps to develop your negotiating skill. If selling to larger businesses with professional buyers, negotiation skills are essential. In this teleseminar recording I interview negotiations expert Nicole Bachmann on how to negotiate [...]

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Persuasion Techniques: 3 Easy Tips for Building Client Relations

By Kate Warren Would you like to be more persuasive with your clients? Want to know some simple, easy ways to make a great impression, especially around ‘tricky’ areas like pricing? Here are 3 simple tips about how you can use specific language to influence the results you get with people. Tip # 1 Use these 2 little words that build trust whenever you complete something for your client, or [...]