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How to write a sales proposal

Why are so many sales proposals unsuccessful? You spend all time and effort on putting them together, only to see your hopes for a successful sale turn to dust. Ellis Pratt is the Sales and Marketing Director of Cherryleaf Ltd, a business specialising in documentation and technical authoring. A few years ago, Cherryleaf decided to look into the secrets of successful sales proposal writing and wrote down some advice on [...]

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Look for the spotty face!

I was helping a client to make her pitch more powerful the other day and l was struggling to get her to stop talking about problems people do not realise they have. At times like this I use my ‘Spotty Face’ analogy. Imagine you are a doctor and a lady comes to see you with a spotty face. She is a grown woman and is worried that the spots are [...]

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Avoid premature evaluation!

Imagine you went to your doctor. You were in pain and expecting some help. The doctor had just been seeing someone else immediately before you. Instead of asking you the normal questions, the doctor just starts telling you, very enthusiastically, how similar your pain is to the previous patient, what is wrong with you and what medicine you need to take. Would you trust the doctor? The doctor could be [...]

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5 mistakes people make when writing sales proposals

If you find yourself regularly losing sales even though you thought you had it in the bag then it might be worth making sure that your sales proposals are not letting you down. Here are 5 common mistakes I find when reviewing sales proposals for clients: Mistake #1 - Not enough detail The mistake is assuming that your prospect will remember everything you have discussed and so there is no [...]

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Is your sales proposal letting you down?

Lately I have been working with businesses who want to reduce the time it takes to close the sale. They are each selling different things to different people but one thing they have in common is that they are getting a lot of interest at the sales meeting and then, too often the sale stalls and ends up going nowhere. A common factor in each case was a weak sales [...]