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Questioning skills for sales

I was at a networking breakfast yesterday having a conversation with a guy about questioning skills. He had been taught that open questions were good and closed questions were bad. As a consequence he was using open questions to try and close the sale. Understandably he was struggling to get a decision from prospects! The meeting was in a golf club and as he was a keen golfer, so I [...]

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Open and closed questions: The truth revealed

One of the areas of sales that cause confusion, even amongst seasoned sales professionals, is the difference between open and closed questions. The answer is easier than you think! It is not helped by the over-simplistic way in which sales questioning techniques are often taught. The emphasis is often placed on the question and what types of words fit the type of question. That’s questioning 101 and won’t get you [...]

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Consultative selling questions – A fun game to play when selling

A lot of people think they are engaging in consultative selling but really all they are doing is trying to second guess what their prospect is thinking. In this blog I share with you a game that you can play to make your sales meetings more fun and increase your sales too! When I am training in advanced sales questioning techniques, I introduce a game I call ’20 consultative selling [...]

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5 important consultative selling questions

In consultative selling, questions are the tools of the trade, especially when it comes to the discovery stage of the consultative sales process. Just as good tradesman needs to understand their tools, a good sales person needs to understand questions so that they can become more skilled at extracting the information required. Here are 5 key consultative selling questions you should definitely have in your consultative selling tool box. Why? [...]

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Sales Terminology: open vs closed questions

Are you confused about the difference between open vs closed questions? In this short article I will explain the difference with examples and you will wonder what the fuss was all about!. Before we start looking at the difference, it is probably worth taking a step back and looking at why we need to worry about questions in the first place. So here is a statement of the blinking obvious: [...]