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Making the most of sales meetings

Craig Goldblatt is an international speaker, trainer, and coach on sales and in this interview he shows us the right way to approach our sales meetings to maximise the chances of making a sale. A major part of this recording is how to prepare for sales meetings. You have spent a lot of time and effort generating and qualifying a sales lead. The next stage is to meet the prospect [...]

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Hunt the Pain!

In selling you get paid for solving problems and there are people with problems everywhere! Rather than problems, however, I prefer the word ‘pain’. Although everyone has problems, they may not be painful enough to do something about them. As a soft seller my mantra is ‘No pain, No gain!’ High levels of pain make motivated buyers. We need to find the pain and especially where the consequences of doing [...]

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Breaking the ice at sales meetings

A few years ago I got a great sales tip from one of the executives of the Institute of Independent Business. We were discussing breaking the ice when at a sales meeting with a business owner you have not met before. His advice was to ask them their story about how they started the business. I have to say that it has worked like a charm and I am always [...]

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Mental preparation for sales meetings

Around 15 years ago I learned a technique that really boosted my confidence and performance in sales meetings and I still use the technique to this day for every sales meeting I attend. You are, however, more likely to discover the technique in a book on sports performance than a book on sales. Top sports psychologists will tell you that 90% of results at a professional level come from working [...]

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5 Steps to Super Confident Sales Meetings

People who are new to sales often tell me how attending sales meetings with senior executives make them feel nervous. It takes a while to get used to it. However, there is a way to boost confidence I learnt many years ago. In this article I will share with you a simple 5 step visualisation technique I teach people that them transform from a shivering wreck to a super confident [...]

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Listen and Learn

There are many myths associated with selling. One of the biggest myths is that it takes the ‘gift of the gab’ to succeed in sales. The reality is that being a good listener is far more important than being a good talker. There are plenty of training courses around covering listening skills. Real listening, however, is hard to learn as a skill. Attitude, rather than technique, is the real driving [...]