Sales Process

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The process of selling

Understanding sales process is critically important if you want to be in control of your sales. There seems to be a lot of mistique that surrounds sales process and yet it is all very simple when you strip it back to its basics. This is a professional recording of me being interviewed by Chantal Cooke of Passion for the Planet radio. During this interview I am explaining to Chantal how [...]

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There is more to consultative selling than questioning skills

Many people tend to think about consultative selling in terms of questioning skills. There is no doubt that questioning is a key part of consultative selling but there is a bit more to consultative selling than that. In this article I am going to take a step back, get back to basics, and answer the fundamental question – What is consultative selling? To truely understand consultative selling we need to [...]

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Sales Terminology: Sales Process

Sales process is a term used to describe the steps required to win a sale. Many businesses talk freely about sales process without actually having a clearly defined process that can be measured. In this article I will help you get your head around what sales process really means and why it is so important. If I was to ask you how to make a perfect cup of tea you [...]

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Sales Terminology: Sales Pipeline

A healthy sales pipeline is critical for having a smooth flow of sales into your business. This article explains sales pipeline and how it is best managed. Think of a real pipeline supplying water to a fountain. Unless the pipeline is full of water at all times there will be no fountain display. In the same way, if you want a constant flow of sales into your business then your [...]

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Sales Terminology: Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a term often used in sales but what does it really mean? This article explains why the sales funnel is an important aspect of sales management. Imagine a funnel used to pour liquid into a bottle. It has a wide top tapering down to a narrow ending which fits into a bottle. You pour the liquid into the funnel top and then the liquid flows down [...]

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Are you managing to sell?

Yesterday I did a workshop for Business Link on ‘How to win more sales’ and there were businesses with turnover ranging from £1m to £8m. I asked around the room who had heard of terms like the ‘sales funnel’ and ‘pipeline report’. None of them kept statistics and knew what their conversion rates were. This is basic sales management and doing it not only makes sales more predictable but it [...]

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Sales Terminology: qualifying a sales lead

The way I teach qualification on my Consultative Selling Masterclass is to tell the story of when I travelled 5 hours for a “dead cert” sales meeting only to find that the person I was supposed to be meeting was on holiday! On the 5 hour journey back I vowed never to let that happen again because it was a massive waste of time. That was the day I truly [...]