Generating Interest

  • nikkipilkington

How to use Twitter to find clients

When I first started using Twitter, like many, I did not know what I was doing. My networking mentor Thomas Power told me I should be using Twitter and so I gave it a go! I then did the normal search to find out how to get more followers and found there were plenty of people happy to give advice. There were more Twitter ‘experts’ than you can shake a [...]

  • art190

How to develop a killer elevator pitch that gets you more sales

One of the areas people struggle with when networking is how best to answer the inevitable question "what do you do?" Most business networking meetings involve members introducing themselves to the rest of the people in the room by way of an "elevator pitch". This mini-course will show you the common mistakes people make with their elevaotor pitch and how you can easily create a pitch that articulates clearly what [...]

  • art188

How to use local networking meetings to sell to large companies

People often tell me that local business networking meetings are just for people who want to win business from small local companies. Many people, however, are winning significant contracts selling to large companies as a result of attending local networking meetings. I recently interviewed Charlie Lawson, UK National Director of BNI and expert in word-of-mouth marketing, to find out how it’s done. In this recording of edited hightlights of the [...]

  • art187

What is blogging and social media all about?

This is an Ecademy training video on blogging created by Thomas Power is chairman of business networking site . Although this video is specifically about Ecademy, Thomas explains the logic about why blogging is so important for people selling their expertise and know-how and how Ecademy can help. The Accidental Salesman Club was born in Ecademy and I believe it is an excellent place for developing business connections and referrals. [...]

  • art186

Networking for Life

Thomas Power, Chairman of online networking organisation, has written a number of books on Networking. One of these books, 'Networking for Life', I consider to have the essence of the mindset needed to be successful at using online and offline networking for business development. Thomas Power is widely recognised as a visionary in the world of online business networking and he co-founded years before Linkedin and Facebook were [...]

  • art177

Leveraging the power of your network

Most people already have enough contacts to win significantly more referrals from networking than they are currently getting. This is an edited recording of an interview with Andy Lopata - author of best selling book 'Recommended'. Andy goes into some detail as to how to approach leveraging your existing contacts to win more business from networking. For eight years, Andy was Managing Director of Business Referral Exchange, one of the [...]

  • art176

Sales on a beer mat!

Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur and best-selling business author. His book titles include 'Beermat Entrepreneur' and 'Sales on a Beer Mat'. He is also a columnist for the Financial Times. Mike is a salesman through and through and has been involved in building and selling many businesses. In this entertaining podcast Mike runs through the three elements of sales featured in his book 'Sales on a Beermat': Be [...]

  • art175

17 Strategies for Lead generation success!

I am a big fan of Frank Furness. He is an international speaker and trainer in sales and is currently working in over 48 countries. Frank specialises in new business generation and the use of technology in generating leads. I regularly quote Frank’s saying that cold calling is the price you pay for not doing enough lead generation activity in other areas. In this recording Frank reveals 17 strategies for [...]

  • art174

How to build your reputation online

When selling your services, reputation is everything. When you have a great reputation, prospects are more likely to listen to you and be interested in what you have to say. The reputation of products and services are just as important. Not so long ago, the way to build your reputation was just through networking and publicity. It was time consuming and took a long time. With the internet, it is [...]

  • art173

Taking the pressure out of cold calling

In this recording Ari Galper, developer of the best selling sales programme 'Unlock the Game' outlines the approach to selling which aims to build trust and respect with prospects so that you develop an open and truthful relationships rather than the normal sales chasing games between buyer and seller. Although applicable to sales in general, the conversation centres on cold calling and Ari outlines various strategies that will help improve [...]