Business Networking

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How to develop a killer elevator pitch that gets you more sales

One of the areas people struggle with when networking is how best to answer the inevitable question "what do you do?" Most business networking meetings involve members introducing themselves to the rest of the people in the room by way of an "elevator pitch". This mini-course will show you the common mistakes people make with their elevaotor pitch and how you can easily create a pitch that articulates clearly what [...]

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How to use local networking meetings to sell to large companies

People often tell me that local business networking meetings are just for people who want to win business from small local companies. Many people, however, are winning significant contracts selling to large companies as a result of attending local networking meetings. I recently interviewed Charlie Lawson, UK National Director of BNI and expert in word-of-mouth marketing, to find out how it’s done. In this recording of edited hightlights of the [...]

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Networking for Life

Thomas Power, Chairman of online networking organisation, has written a number of books on Networking. One of these books, 'Networking for Life', I consider to have the essence of the mindset needed to be successful at using online and offline networking for business development. Thomas Power is widely recognised as a visionary in the world of online business networking and he co-founded years before Linkedin and Facebook were [...]

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Leveraging the power of your network

Most people already have enough contacts to win significantly more referrals from networking than they are currently getting. This is an edited recording of an interview with Andy Lopata - author of best selling book 'Recommended'. Andy goes into some detail as to how to approach leveraging your existing contacts to win more business from networking. For eight years, Andy was Managing Director of Business Referral Exchange, one of the [...]

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Getting your network to sell for you

Everyone in selling knows that receiving qualified and personal referrals from a trusted contact makes selling so much easier. But what does it take for your network of contacts to be prepared to make those connections for you? Dave Clarke explains what effort and activities are required in order to get people to recommend your products and services to their best contacts. Dave is Chief Executive of NRG, a fast [...]

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Do you network for introducers?

When I meet new people and get to know a little bit more about their background and their experiences I am always amazed by who they know and the shared connections we have. Many people that are currently working in micro businesses have previously worked in very large companies at a very senior level. If you only see networking as a way of bumping into future customers and you want [...]

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Business networking tips: how to start a conversation

When I first got into business networking I felt very awkward and did not say much until someone came and spoke to me. I realised that this would limit the number of people I would meet so I decided that I would learn how to feel more confident about networking. I asked a few people how they first learnt and they recommended a book called ‘How to Win Friends and [...]

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How to avoid getting banned from Linkedin

Linkedin is a great place for networking and expanding your business contacts. Approach it in the wrong way, however, and you could find yourself banned as a result of people reporting your connection requests as spam. Imagine you are at a networking event and a total stranger comes up to you and asks for your business card. He does not introduce himself or say why he wants it. You then [...]

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How to generate sales leads at a client’s Christmas party without being annoying

No matter whether you celebrate or even recognise Christmas, there is one thing hard to escape during the month of December and that’s the Christmas party. Client Christmas parties are a golden opportunity to not only refresh your client relationships but also seek out new opportunities within the same organisation. Pitching at social gatherings, however, doesn’t tend to go down that well, especially at a client’s Christmas party. You want [...]

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How to boost your networking APPEAL

Are you making the most of your contacts? Do people you know help you win more business and make selling easier for you? We all have more than enough contacts to generate enough business. The trick is to work out how best to leverage your contacts to help you win more business. Easier said than done! I wrote my book ‘The Accidental Salesman Networking Survival Guide’ after several years of [...]